"I have been a regular user of the marina at Admiral Marine Management or as it is also known Lighthouse Marina for a few years now. Recently I berthed our 46’ monohull there for an extended period of nearly 4 months. As we were returning to Australia I did have some concern about leaving our yacht. However my wife and I now think this is the best marina on Tortola, indeed the best in the BVIs. The owners and staff are terrific and helpful and have a vast knowledge of all the issues needed to look after the yacht. The position is outstanding- pretty bay-easy access with parking and close to many facilities. And best of all the water is very clean and so the hull was in great condition on our return- no need to haul out and antifoul after 6 months in the water including 4 months in the marina. The only downside is that the marina is small and sometimes a berth is hard to get!."

Warren & Vicky McKinney, Owner- S/Y Zulane,  (June 2015)

  Guest List...​​

​   - Affinity, 48' Swan

   - Andare, 58' Able Apogee
   - Apsara, 57' Swan
   - Black Pearl, 47' Carkeek
   - Blue Peter, 65' Alfred Mylne
   - Bolero, 73' Sparkman & Stephens

   - CaryAli, 135' Custom Alloy Yacht

   - Chills, 85' Pacific Mariner
   - Dama De Noche, 82' Oyster
   - Encore, 73' Sparkman & Stephens
   - Far Bay, 72' Swan (Farr)

   - Flight of Ufford, 52' Spirit
   - Free Spirit, 56' Spirit

   - Freya, 90' Swan

​   - Happy Forever, 52' Spirit
   - Hitchcock, 44' Dufour

   - Indigo, 62' Buddy Davis

   - Ipharra, 102' Sunreef

   - Jennimar, 52' Hinkley
   - Josie Maria, 58' Oyster

   - Laughing Lady, 44' Swan
   - Louisa, 72' Boretti

​   - Lucky, 63' RP/McConaghy

   - Luna Danns, 70' Sweden
   - Mathilda Sound, 82' Oyster
   - Miracle, 115' Monte Fino

   - Mustang Sally, 160' Trinity

​   - Nazgul, 76' Spirit

   - Nettie, 46' Matthews

   - Northern Star, 76' Hinkley
   - Ocean Free, 71' Ocean
   - Patriot, 70' Hinkley

   - Ree, 112' Valdaretto (Giles)
   - Resolute, 53' Little Harbor

​   - Restless, 65' Oyster

   - Rosalba, 60' Southern Ocean

   - Roving Spirit, 50' Spirit

   - Safara, 72' Andrews

   - Silken Ties, 45' Moody
   - Spirit of Rani, 60' Spirit

   - Spirit of Callisto, 46' Spirit

​   - Swan Lake, 57' Swan

   - Sycara IV, 151' Burger

   - T-Zero, 90' Cheoy Lee
   - Toad Hall, 44' Camper & Nicholson
   - Tonnerre, 46' Ker
   - Top Dog, 115' Westport

   - Veritas, 57' Abeking & Rasmussen

   - Vive Rae, 86' Nordhavn
   - Wandering Farr, 50' Swan (Farr)

   - White Egret, 46' Malo
   - White Rhino, 56' Swan
   - Zulu, 54' Alden 

"We had such a wonderful stay! Many thanks for your hospitality".

Blake Plyler, Captain - M/Y Mustang Sally, 160' Custom Trinity (October 2015)

"A happy place with a nice breeze flowing through."

Casey Fasciano, Captain - S/Y Bolero, 73' Sparkman & Stephens (June 2015)

"Hope all is well in your beautiful marina.  Thank you again for your warm and so pleasant - and professional altogether - welcome."  

Olivier Peretie, Owner - S/Y Hitchcock, 45' Dufour (June 2015)

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Marina Log Book

"​We have kept S/Y Encore berthed at AMM for the past several years and for good reason. AMM is not only a beautiful and quiet location, but a geographically perfect location for a marina and one of the safest places to leave your yacht in the Caribbean if the need arises.  The location at the head of Soper's Hole in West End, Tortola is one of a kind. Protected from all directions from wind driven waves it is like a mill pond 98% of the time,  with a fresh breeze funneling through the surrounding hills, it is also constantly flushed with fresh, clean Caribbean sea water through a small creek on the east side of the anchorage which make it one of the dwindling number of Caribbean marina's where I feel safe and comfortable getting in the water.  Management and staff are among the friendliest and most helpful in the entire Caribbean. They know how to get things done quickly and efficiently in an area where quickly and efficiently aren't part of the local vocabulary.  The only problem I have with writing a testimonial for AMM is that I do not want to give away what a perfect spot this hidden gem actually is!"  

Kevin Hoffman, Captain - S/Y Encore, 73' S&S Custom Design (July 2015)

​​Soper's Hole British Virgin Islands

"We spent the 2014/2015 winter season with Admiral Marine Management at Lighthouse Marina and could not have had a better experience.  It was the perfect home base for our cruising season and definitely felt just that, like home.  Olly and his crew are so welcoming, very knowledgable and always helpful.  We are very much looking forward to returning this winter.  I would and regularly do, highly recommend Admiral Marine Management and Lighthouse Marina for dockage and service needs in the BVIs."  

Joey Compton, Captain - S/Y Resolute, 53' Little Harbor (June 2015)

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